Arlene Reyes
Spinal Tap Fan Dot Com!

Chip Rowe over at posted some info about our latest group exhibition. This is awesome, they are the biggest Spinal Tap website ever! All kinds of fun facts, and trivia, a Spinal Tap Encyclopedia, pictures and more! If you

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Artwork and No Play – Group Art Exhibition!

Just in time for Halloween, Phone Booth Gallery put on a group show dedicated to the movie “The Shining,” by Stanley Kubrick. Exhibiting artists included: Garry Booth, Aurora Armijo, Iain Macarthur, David Owen, Caspar Williams, Pfft, Jack Rossi, Chester Burnett,

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Eggs and Sausage Group Exhibit

Our group exhibition dedicated to Tom Waits was pretty awesome! A ton of people came out and had a blast with us at House of Hayden on Long Beach, CA. Dave Hayden treated us like kings, and hung the artwork

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Off the Hook Inaugural Exhibition!

Phone Booth Gallery started it all off with this online artwork exhibition. Our first show aired the simplistic display of the website which puts the artwork in the spotlight. It invites all art lovers, collectors, and artists to see work

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