Contact: Garry Booth
Email: phoneboothgallery@gmail.com


Phone Booth Gallery is proud to present “Whales.Love.Procrastination,” the gallery’s second exhibition of work on paper by Russian artist Lora Zombie. The exhibition opens with a reception on Saturday, May 12th from 7-10pm. This event will take place at Phone Booth Gallery’s exhibition space, 2533 East Broadway, Long Beach, CA 90803. Zombie’s work will remain on view through June 12, 2012, at both the exhibition space and on www.phoneboothgallery.com.

Zombie continues to create poetic, pithy spin-offs on pop culture tropes and myths — she reinvents the hobo, the rock star, or the mermaid. But this new body of work has deeper roots in the language of storytelling. It’s the visual equivalent to the ballads of a traveling bard, had that bard had come of age reading Marvel Comics and tagging city walls. References to Hans Christian Andersen and Lewis Carroll appear alongside references to vintage pin-ups, rock music and folk tales. In one drawing, Alice, slightly older than she was in “Alice in Wonderland” and wearing shiny red nightclub heels, nearly fills the little stone house she is inside of while the well- dressed rabbit sits by quietly. In another watercolor, a huge whale swims up to kiss the bottom of a small fishing boat. The painting reads, “Sometimes big whales kiss your boat, not so as you’d notice.”

Because Zombie’s paintings and drawings often melt into pools of color or erupt into speckles of pigment, her storytelling feels ephemeral and whimsical. She is offering glimpses into dreamscapes that could dissolve at any moment. But leaving the space of the dreamscape is what Zombie avoids; she procrastinates a return to any more grounded reality by delving into this web of subconscious influences and immersing herself in the visual languages she loves. In “Whales.Love.Procrastination,” she invites us to procrastinate with her, and to use her renderings as starting points for narratives we weave for ourselves.


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