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Phone Booth Gallery is pleased to present “6×6,” an exhibition of new work commemorating its sixth anniversary. Since 2008, PBG has exhibited creative risk takers, artists who reimagine pop culture, evoke complex fantasy worlds and render images and objects staggeringly true to life. This expansive anniversary exhibition conveys the gallery’s range, captures its dynamism and gives a glimpse into its near future. An opening reception will be held on Saturday, April 5, from 7 to 10 p.m. at 2533 East Broadway, Long Beach, CA 90803.

Each work in “6×6” is, as the title suggests, six inches by six inches in size and made specifically for this exhibition. In selecting artists, PBG began by inviting contributions from those in its core program have shown with the gallery over the years, like Bryan Schnelle or Ryan Milner. Then it expanded its scope, reaching out others it had been discovered through social media or learned about through other outlets but had not yet worked with. The resulting list includes nearly 100 international emerging and midcareer artists.

The work ranges from whimsical, like in Ian Ferguson’s quirkily quaint figures and landscapes or Nicole Goux’s rendering of a woman glimpsing out from inside a tree, to aggressive and gnarly, like in Jessica Jenkins’ paintings of guts against pitch-black. Artists in the show who have exhibited with the gallery over the years include Sandra Chevrier, whose paintings combine portraiture with collaged together pop imagery, and Sean Norvet, whose takes on American consumerism are crudely comical. Bryan Schnelle has been showing his ominous collage work with the gallery since the beginning and Cuyler Smith, who painted a craggy knot of leafless but seemingly alive trees for this show, is also a veteran.

Agnes-cecile will be exhibiting with the gallery for the first time, showing her tender but intense paintings of young women, portrayed in a way that both captures their external beauty and hints at their complex interior lives. Her fellow newcomer Hanna Jaeun renders exquisitely convincing fantasies, and for this show, has painted a rabbit with a third eye and a serpent looking in a mirror, the reflection of its tongue emerging from the glass in three dimensions. Tony Graystone makes his PBG debut with pointillism portrayals of skulls cut apart to reveal glimpses of the cosmos, and John Wayshak’s painting marries a rough-and-tumble street aesthetic with a composition that recalls horror movie close-ups.

Since beginning as an online-only gallery with a modest artist roster, PBG has grown considerably, opening in a brick and mortar space and making a concerted effort to introduce compelling art to its audience. As it has expanded, it has remained committed to its goal of celebrating diversity and collapsing the boundaries between traditional fine art, illustration, pop, advertising and street art. 6×6 celebrates this exciting genre-mixing and boundary-blurring. The exhibition continues online and at the gallery through April 30th.

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Contributing Artists Include:
Aaron Brown
Adrian Penaflor
Adrien Rivera
Alan Villanueva
Alec Huxley
Alex R. Kirzhner
Allen Arslanian
Anh Tran
Anne Lee
Arlene Asuncion
Arlene Booth
Arminda Arroyo
Beverly Bartolome
Bianca Brice
Bryan Schnelle
Carrie Anne Hudson
Catherine Yi
Cuyler Smith
Dan Christofferson
David Owen
David Santiago
Desiree Fessler
Dustin Myers
Emily Burns
Emmaline Bailey
Famous When Dead
Frank Forte
ghost ghost teeth
Gregory Attonito
Greta Kotz
Hanna Jaeun
Helena Andrews
Ian Williams
Ivy Leighton
James Eads
Jeff McMillan
Jenna Gibson
Jennie Cotterill
Jennifer Messock
Jeremy Jones
Jessica Jenkins
Jodi Jones
Joel Zuercher
John Ottinger
John Wales
Jon Contino
Jonathan Bueno
Jonathan Way$hak
Jonny Ruzzo
Jorge Gutierrez
Joseph Martinez
JP Neang
Kareem Rizk
Ken Davis
Kevin Bannister
Ki Sung Koh
Lauren YS
Lynn Azali
Mark Michelon
Matt Hendon
Megan Quindlen
Michael Ramstead
Michelle Fleck
Mike Bell
Mindy Roffman
MJ Lindo
Mr. Frivolous
Mr. Sandshrew
Nancy Chiu
Neil Segura
Nick Comparone
Nick Wildermuth
Nicolaus Ferry Hadinata
Nicole Goux
Pauline Thai
Peter Adamyan
Rodrigo Luff
Ruel Pascual
Ryan De La Hoz
Ryan Milner
Sam Yong
Sandra Chevrier
Sara Haase
Scott Cooper
Sean Ghobad
Sean Norvet
Shane Domino
Shannon Freshwater
Shanti Wintergate
T. Dylan Moore
Tiffany Lauren
Tobias Geye
Tony Graystone
Yevgeniya Mikhailik
Zofia Bogusz